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Blog Dominica Tarnowski
Blog Dominica Tarnowski
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Blog Dominica Tarnowski

Blog Dominica Tarnowski

Blog Dominica Tarnowski 28 11 2013 My place in the global network not pretend that you forgot about something again Kur (t) and where are the guarantees of employment for staff of the Hospital Alickiemu and Kurt so hurry up with the transformation of the hospital into a company so strongly and quickly wade in this direction that This raises doubts growing population (more) November 27, 2013 No one yet no hiding COUNTY AUTHORITIES DEBT recently swept through Mrągowo Acute discussion on the real state of local government finances. As it turns out the current authorities of the District's financial policy lead much less clear 25 November 2013 more WISHES ON THE OCCASION OF THE SOCIAL WORKER Social Assistance All employees especially the employees of the Social Assistance and the District Mrągowo Mrągowo I offer my warmest wishes for your family happiness health holidays every success meet plans in your personal life and satisfaction with work. Nov. 21 Day of Social Worker reason is also because of Kindness Day. . November 21, 2013 more VICE with the judgment FOR DEATH OF HUMAN REMAINS AND ADVISER councilor HTU MUNICIPALITY PIECKI AGNIESZKA Kurczewski Gregory M. Vice-Chairman of the District Council Mrągowo county councilor on behalf of the Inter-Municipal Election Committee Mrągowo mayor George Krasinski adviser Municipality Mayor Agnes Piecki Kurczewski was sentenced to a YEAR PRISON 2 000 zł fine and 10 000 zł compensation for the family of his victim. The District Court in Mrągowo imprisonment suspended conditionally for 3. October 29, 2013 more I recall an article about Michalczykowej and Alickim Let us go through life with imagination) zmienimojej Nothing negative assessment of what was making the Mrągowo PCFS Michalczykowa when she worked as its director being under the political protection of his party then Alickiego October 29, 2013 more Mayor M. convicted of drunk driving his colleagues Gregory M. and Joseph D.

soon as they hear the judgments of the eye or splinter and the beam This publication would not have been if not today's publication on one of the local sites. So remember that people emphasize that final judgments in the majesty of the law serve important functions in local government authorities. THAT IS AS IS CAN function as MIMO WJTA a final judgment of conviction of drunk driving October 25, 2013 more councilors was prepared for the paralysis of power resolution-nearest session of the City Council at the beginning of 2014 since yesterday (18 October 2013) session of the City Council in Mragowo not silent outrage residents Mrągowa a group of ten councilors who your irresponsible motion to dismiss the chairman of the City Council which was the reason for resignation as his deputies led to the paralysis of the government resolution-in Mrągowo self. October 19, 2013 so I'm afraid PRIVATIZATION Mrągowo HOSPITAL MUST SEE LIST OF MEDICAL BENEFITS The ARION HOSPITALS SP. Z OO SURE you calm down Injection 10 zł 30 zł removal of stitches single room per night is 50 zł 70 zł medical advice hernia operation 3 000 zł childbirth 4 900 zł gynecological surgery 9 500 zł, and the possibility of individual valuation allowances which could probably go in the tens or even hundreds of thousands of zlotys These positions are located. October 9th, 2013 more whole truth about privatization Hospital is not about the good of the residents The terms of a gigantic amount of income even BILLION GOLD Hence all these scams about irregularities in the privatization Mragowo Hospital, I have written several times. Today, the time to draw conclusions and explain why what is happening around the Hospital accompanied by so great anxiety on the part of the current government district on Oct. 4, 2013 more Romek Gold Bracelet ie whether certainly councilor Pi S was and is opposed to the privatization of the District Hospital say about him Gold Bracelet or Prywatyzator first nickname from love to wear jewelry in gold color (thick bracelet on prawejdłoni) second from the time when the Roman Koziatek participated in the privatization privatization Mragowo bus and sit on the supervisory boards of companies it shows the county councilor favorite classes Pi S September 23, 2013 more GIANT scam THE PRIVATIZATION Mrągowo HOSPITAL UNIONS HAVE THE RIGHT Who will bear the responsibility for the substitution of the most important document or deputy district administrator in late August in a column on the blog I revealed doubts CLICK HERE hospital unions as to the procedure to complete the privatization of the District Hospital in Mragowo. September 14, 2013 more sixth this year unlawful resolution of the District Council repealed by RIO lawyer Bułajewski nothing to be ashamed about or what shoemaker without shoes comes pitifully builds an aura kongenialności. Struts to education zdobywanym many years (the others are able to gain this level of education in just four years it took him much longer), even though the work you write related to areas considered by the lawyers for one of the least complicated law students already know that the easiest way to include this item on Sept.

11, 2013 More Disrespect throwing documents teasing PCFS workers over a month waiting for the reaction of the authorities of the District dramatic letter workers of the District Family Support Center in Mrągowo to the President of the Council of the District Mrągowo. It is worth to read it to form their own opinions or in PCFS in the current term situation has improved or is it much worse than it was in the previous term of 9 September 2013 more enormous success of the crew County Hospital Group New Hospital moved away from the privatization mrągowski facility today ie 6 September 2013 shortly after in 1000 the Management Board of the District Mrągowo according to what I predicted in yesterday's column in the vote pointed to the tenderer which will negotiate a contract for the lease of the Hospital District. Michael Kajka Mragowo after conversion facility in the company. It will be the company Arion. September 6, 2013 More County Board exceeded the powers of the selection of a private company having to manage Mrągowo Hospital will be invalid Proceedings Article 231 of the Criminal Code clearly states that a public officer who exceeded his powers or performing his duty operates to the detriment of public or private interest is punishable by imprisonment up to 3 years . And if the perpetrator commits the act specified in advance in order to achieve financial or personal gain shall be punished by imprisonment of one to ten years. September 5, 2013 More Councillor Wojciech Glinka What's next from the hospital in today's edition of the Courier Mrągowo column appeared councilor of the City Council in Mragowo long-term director of the District Hospital in Mragowo head of the local structure of the Civic Platform in Mragowo Wojciech Glinka. It should be familiar with it because publikujęgo below 5 September 2013 More Hospital Unions to the county ye sold his own mother Bułajewski chairman of the staff of the Hospital To please even whirr, for example, the mayor retorts Mr. Chairman Jakubowski () contests the statement of anyone who says it's not what would you the President wanted to hear the text below is a link so you can listen to a recording of the July extraordinary session of the Council of the District Mrągowo whose theme was dire situation District Hospital which resulted in the current county authorities Mragowo at all costs attempting to lease the hospital to a private company on Sept. 4, 2013 more NOT GO THIS APPEAL BY COUNCILLORS AND THE MAYOR Mrągowa AUTHORITIES ON THE SUBMISSION OF DISTRICT HOSPITAL external investor Just yesterday I published a column on a blog whose canvas was the petition to the county in which to bring finality doctors working in the District Hospital.

Michael Kajka Mragowo threatened redundancy if you choose an external operator SZCZEGŁY CLICK HERE and today I got to appeal the City Council and the Mayor. September 3rd, 2013 more DOCTORS HOSPITAL From Mrągowo brought to the last resort of the Mayor and BOARD OF COUNTY powerless against the arrogance of power threaten to exit from the current regime PLACWKI Mragowo county ruled by the mayor of the Commune Mrągowo Międzygminny Karasiński of Bułajewskim Alickim Kosakowskim peaks and Kurt at the forefront of their irresponsible and harmful actions led to resort District Hospital medical staff in Mragowo 2 September 2013 more Subterfuge the privatization of hospital Mragowo Is ANNEX NUMBER 4 to the privatization contract was swapped most interesting part of today's session of the Council of the District Mrągowo (Thursday 29 August 2013) was directing questions to wicestarosty Alickiego by representatives of hospital compounds professional. August 29, 2013 more ALL LOVE TO COOK ACTION WORDS IN DEFENSE OF FREEDOM IN weblogs Piotr Oginski blogger http I love to cook. Pl also known for its channel on youtube CLICK been sued for expressing an opinion on the product of one of the companies. About the Gazeta Wyborcza wrote widely CLICK August 27, 2013 more Nosek is looking up by councilor who Soon sensational journalistic material which will be presented documented extremely interesting details Mragowo county councilor career with the district covering the Municipality and the Municipality Sorkwity Coaches. August 21, 2013 more Do voters will give up once again fall for the promises So about how Politico local higher education institutions in Mragowo promised guy who will be dedicated to today's column is a local POLITICO. Very local elections started in the arm between the Commune Election Committee who heads the mayor of the commune Mrągowo Krasinski. August 17, 2013 more GIVE YOUR OPINION ON THE FUTURE OF HOSPITAL DISTRICT WEBSITE Mragowo PROBE One of the sites belonging to the local county councilor member of the ruling coalition district poll published on July 18 on the future of the District Hospital. Unfortunately, the questions asked in the poll were asked in accordance with the requirements of scientific objectivity which drew attention to the many residents of the District Mrągowo why publish a poll that will allow Internet users to express themselves objectively about. July 30, 2013 more catching up to the trough in the district and pulled out your taxes more than 2 million into his pockets Who Clicks district if the local government is not going to in order to do something good for the residents to acquire external resources to invest it goes as it turned out in Mrągowo County in order to benefit from the additional inconsiderable income from salaries and allowances.

Here is a summary of revenue achieved in 2011 and 2012 by county clique that. July 18, 2013 more political psychedelic freestyle chickens and kaczuszkach or chairman of the Stanislaus County Bułajewski in action intimidation of opposition councilor shouts can not get away with this ever. You see that guy totally dominates the emotions despite the fact that exactly what another says he is aware that it is recorded. Who's that Stanislaw Bułajewski that creates an aura of morality and excellence Only aura. July 12, 2013 more Krasinski in debt Commune Mrągowo for over 13 MILLION MILIONW gold than gold that his salary is governed by the Municipality Krasinski Mrągowo more than 20 years. The result is a debt of local governments to the amount of 13 327 81 986 gold or more than 56 income Commune. Well over a million zlotys (over 1 000 000 zł) is the salaries paid Krasinski that poured into his account over the years to sit on a stool mayor. Let us repeat it Krasinski on poor and indebted to the hilt. July 11, 2013 more HTU Krasinski Audit Office erred in law in debt MUNICIPALITY OF ILLEGALLY MRĄGOWO embittered former employees of the liquidated school district employees concerned District Hospital uncertain future of their jobs embarrassed teachers and trainers Educational and Sports Team Base observing what is up with their school powerless members of the Sports Club Database closely observed by the present government pledging the county under another loan sites water sports facilities in Tałtach sad. July 8, 2013 More COUNTY AUTHORITIES are afraid CALL A SESSION ON HOSPITAL PRYWATYCACJI afraid of our employees QUESTIONS BY WHAT HAVE TO HIDE Due to the relentless brnięciem District Mrągowo current government headed by Janusz Stanisław Bułajewskim Alickim Kossakowski Gregory Bogdan Bogdan peaks and Kurt for the privatization of hospital District Mragowo as objectionable his staff (a real threat to the credibility of the selection of the contractor raises great doubts) today I sent to the office of the District Council Mrągowo email.

July 3rd, 2013 more mrągowski HOSPITAL WAITING OR HOLOCAUST OR PATIENTS WITH DISTRICT Mrągowo will be directed to Gizycka Private Group has acquired New Hospital District Hospital in Giżycko. Now he wants to take over the County Hospital in Mragowo (stood for a competition organized by the Board of the District Mrągowo). What it may end for hospital Mragowo We all realize that. June 6th, 2013 more outrageous STATEMENT councilor BUŁAJEWSKIEGO can negotiate great resolutions which he has become WITH EXCITING VIDEO From April session COUNTY COUNCIL THAT IS TRUE BACKSTAGE Mrągowo HOSPITAL PRIVATIZATION IN ACCORDANCE WITH WILL AND APPLICABLE LAW WYBORCW adopt RESOLUTION COUNCILLORS. OR EARLIER BUT YOU CAN resolutions negotiated with SUCH OTHER COMPANY OR IF YES THIS IS FOR WHAT THE WHAT CONDITIONS CAN BE HER negotiate the May 22, 2013 more sky over Mrągowo May 20, 2013 a spectacular announcement of a storm or something more in the feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of the Church in the late afternoon and early evening sky over Mrągowo przyszykowało us a spectacular announcement of the storm. May 21, 2013 They had to pay off more debt and want to take more than 21 million another loan in the District apparently was supposed to be better on the next session of the Council of the District Mrągowo to be held on 22 May 2013 and the current county government headed by Kossakowski Alickim peaks Bułajewskim and Kurt want to pressure the councilors approve a resolution that will allow them to take out 21 280 000 zł credit. May 19, 2013 more STAROSTA KURT TO OPEN OFFICE PARLIAMENTARY Pi SW Mrągowo. POLITICAL GESTURE The sheer volume of information somehow missed the event which took place on 12 March 2012 in Mragowo opening of the Parliamentary Bureau Mrs Iwona Arent of Law and Justice. So catching up on the backlog. May 8, 2013 more AUTHORITIES COUNTY TODAY sits in the dock of the District Court in Kętrzyn Today or 7 May 2013 and at 900 in Hall No.

126 in the District Court held a hearing Kętrzyn Home during which the dock in the process of committing a crime under Article 212 of 2 Criminal Code sit governor mrągowski Bogdan K. mrągowski deputy Janusz A. Chairman of the District Council Mrągowo Stanislaw B. Vice-President of the Council. May 7th, 2013 more SCANDAL HTU withheld tens of thousands DOCHODW earns more than 100 000 zł per year paid tax residents of the Commune Sorkwity but still not enough so he rents rooms to tourists leading agro Who Municipal Mayor Joseph M. Sorkwity. April 30, 2013 more ELECTIONS 2014 PROBE RESIDENTS WHO will support the local elections coming up. Already in the autumn of 2014 years or a little over a year and half again go to the polls to vote for our representatives that we give the reins naszegoPowiatu for another four years April 23, 2013 more INVITATION TO BROADCAST e-mail dating WICESTAROSTY THE LONGER TO PHISHING TO STALKING Man of the Janusz Alicki the likes of which is not only for me but also for many people Mrągowa kicked off parenthesis there is even the slightest desire to see him let alone speak or correspond with him via e-mail so that I do not in principle. April 18, 2013 more GNJ DO I HAVE SAVE THE SWAMP A COUNTY AUTHORITIES hit rock bottom privatized HOSPITAL next Thursday session of the Council of the District in which the current authorities want to get the councilors agreed to the sale of the 70 shares in the District Hospital in Mrągowo (ie the privatization of the Hospital without consulting the move the inhabitants of the district). April 14, 2013 more JZEK warming SWJ POSES IN THE BACKGROUND IMAGE ROGW The Holy Easter Mayor Joe decided it was time to insulate your image on Facebook so sweet focia appeared which can be seen here CLICK HERE April 11, 2013 more AUTHORITIES COUNTY SHOWS THE BEST SITES BEST WHAT ARE WYRŻNIENI ARE ONLY FOR THEM The background images are not the result of the work of malicious journalist but PRowskiego laborious effort of the district office staff in opiewaniu Wonders of the current term.

Miracles are not there. April 5th, 2013 more MANSION AFTER SCHOOL SPECIAL WILL BE SOLD NOT in the negotiations in the tendering procedure on the District Mrągowo current county board announced that on June 7 at the district office in Mragowo held negotiations on the sale of the property after the Secondary School Special Mragowo (Street Królewiecka 42 ). April 2, 2013 more doing councilor FOR PUBLIC MONEY NOW SAM can handle THEN CHANGE YOUR DISPOSAL TO FAMILIES Today during a telephone conversation with a local influential activist whose theme was yesterday's session of the City Council also exchanged a few sentences about a county politykierze who escapes from his family because that there were problems with his child March 28, 2013 more dirty political game in the district they want to get rid of the young professional in its place put food protégé Narcissus According to information obtained from an informant close to the current government district clearly shows that progress behind the scenes activities that are aimed at forcing the to resign, or if it fails it is to be brutal dismissal of the head of one of the bodies of the county and is a surprisingly such that in his position was. March 14, 2013 more criminal case AUTHORITIES AGAINST CURRENT DISTRICT COURT sanity check ONE OF THE ACCUSED Despite the appointment for Monday February 11 deadline for the main hearing by the District Court in Kętrzyn had started a criminal case (under Article 212 of the Criminal Code) in which the dock had to sit governor mrągowski Bogdan K. Vice-President of the Council of the District Mrągowo Gregory M. member of the Board of the District. February 12, 2013 More In Sorkwity more than 97 voters for reference Maciejewski Joseph Maciejewski tries to pretend that he won Sunday's referendum 30 January 2013 more Referendum on Sunday and he was already celebrating not afraid that the people will make him a trick and it revokes One of the reasons for the dismissal of the mayor referendum Commune Sorkwity to be held on January 27 may be paid by the mayor Maciejewski huge damages awarded by the court of his friend (Councillor of the same things Maciejewski electoral committee) Czeslaw Chotkiewiczowi. January 24, 2013 more Maciejewski attacked his predecessor for the past and he was registered as authorized to work undercover as you can be so cynical hard facts. Registration for the Institute of National Remembrance January 23, 2013 more honey and goat Józek of Nosek about what gifts left behind in the school canteen mayor and county councilor support him no words If you want to see as mayor of the Commune Sorkwity Joe Maciejewski bites wary of nerves at the meeting with dissatisfied with his rule, residents watch the video from 0 18 January 21, 2013 more writing denunciations of what else he goes Alicki to stay on the stool wicestarosty Shortly after the last local elections in 2010, a huge embarrassment hybrids Mrągowa and county councilors raised by the choice district for another term wicestarosty Janusz Alickiego. January 14, 2013 more ERRORS NEED TO REPAIR MACIEJEWSKI MUST LEAVE Friday 4 January I had the opportunity to meet with residents Sorkwity Municipal Gymnasium in that village.

The occasion for the meeting was to gather the village administration that Joseph Maciejewski transformed into a bloodbath as part of the referendum campaign. (For the record on January 27 in the Municipality of Sorkwity hold a referendum for dismissal from the position of mayor Maciejewski). January 10, 2013 more discomfort OR QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS OUR POWER What are you doing in the public domain circulates many uncomfortable questions questions to the chiefs who sit on important functions paid from our taxes. Just depends on them or do not respond to our editorial today (preferably without delay to mail Tarnowski wp d. POL) would prefer to be at the next local government election campaign rozliczyli their residents of what are up for money of our own. December 21, 2012 more deputy and P. DIRECTOR PCFS THE EVENT Let us INTO FORCE OF IMAGINATION Due to the huge amount of requests insistence, even begging (sometimes I do not understand all that great curiosity) I decided to write this article to explain all the doubts and remind you of a very valuable social initiative which recently raised great interest the residents Mrągowa and District Mrągowo. October 31, 2012 more rife WHOLE CITY AND I DO NOTHING ABOUT THIS I KNOW I KNOW I DO NOT WANT following text message I received on 35th birthday on a cell phone from an unknown sender me. October 29, 2012 more AUTHORITIES DISTRICT COURT DECISION sits in the dock smallest doubt, had the District Court in Kętrzyn who leads the criminal proceedings in which the accused of a crime under art. 2 212 of the Criminal Code are the governor mrągowski Bogdan K.

member of the Board of the District Mrągowo Bogdan K. and councilors. September 25, 2012 more SORRY FOR YOUR WORDS TO THE PRESENT GOVERNMENT DISTRICT SORRY THAT THIS DOES NOT put tighter ultrakatolickiego According to columnist Thomas Terlikowski even the bishop is entitled to a sharp tongue if something bad happens September 18, 2012 more SUMMIT greed and insolence KOLESIOSTWA sorry but this type of attitude I can not comment on that. I can only say NOT Mwila YES THAT WILL BE AS MACIEJEWSKI WJTEM Let everyone he read and draw conclusions LINK TO ARTICLE ON THE COURIER Mrągowo September 12, 2012 more Starostwo WANTS TO SELL LONG HOSPITAL trading firm debts. TOTAL BANKRUPTCY AND PRIVATIZATION HOSPITAL DISTRICT ALREADY NEAR Nanajbliższej session of the Council of the District Mrągowo (Friday 8th September 2012) at the request of the county board of Kurt Bogdan Bogdan Kossakowski and Janusz Alickim in its composition Stanislaw Bułajewski councilors will vote on a resolution of the ruling coalition on the consent to transfer claims the District Hospital. Michael Kajka Mragowo for funders MW Trade. September 6th, 2012 more REAL FACE WJTA JZEFA M. BRUTAL ATTACK ON LOCAL NEWSPAPERS reporter outrageous arrogance of power WHAT ELSE TO MOVE TO MAINTAIN IN THE POWER I will never forget the mayor and a man waving a big hand in front of my face writes in his profile on a social networking young reporter working in one of the local newspapers mrągowskich September 5th, 2012 more WICESTROSTA JANUSZ A. convictions and sentencing for Finance DYSCYPILINY FOR BREACH OF PUBLIC Regional Commission on Trial in Criminal Breach of Discipline Public Finance at the Regional Audit Chamber in Olsztyn under the provisions of the Act of 17 December 2004 . the liability for violation of public finance discipline (Journal of Laws of 2005 No.

14, item. 114, as amended. Chg) punished Janusz A. which acts as wicestarosty Mragowo. September 2nd, 2012 more Krasinski MACIEJEWSKI AND WHOLE Międzygminny IM MEAN ONLY A SEAT For autumn 2006 this piece of paper I received from Joseph Maciejewski (now mayor of the Commune Sorkwity) as a proposal of cooperation coalition in the county. August 31, 2012 More COUNTY TAKE 3 MILLION LOAN to pay back 1 2 MILLION WHO BELIEVE BUT OTHER 1 8 MILLION IN PJDZIE PRZEŻARCIE Even in the report of the first half of which is in June 2012 claimed that the current government in the budget at the end of the year will be the second 050 000 zł surplus. Unfortunately, in August turned out that incompetent management of the District in the implementation of Kurty Alickiego Kossakowski and Bułajewskiego led to the fact that there will be pre-planned budget surplus in local government. August 29, 2012 more YESTERDAY In FACEBOOK STATUS CARROT drunken brawl release the HEMP After last night and today przedpołudniu I'm sure it should be illegal booze and banned the herb should be that it may not be legal but at least not penalized. Today I saw so really the first time in my life what vodka does to people (at home among friends has never seen anything like that) is pathetic. 26 August 2012 More FM vulgar ALERTS With WJTA of computers MUNICIPALITY SORKWITY.

BEGINNING OF THE END OF THE AFFAIR ONLINE RZĄDW JZEFA M. Great strides approaching the process in which the accused of making anonymous iszkalujących entries on the portal mragowo. Wm. Pl is the Joseph M. Aug. 22, 2012 more Kurczewska and Kurt connects them not only KUR in the name but also a tendency towards laziness Are those workaholics defend the inhabitants before the creation of the National Park Mazury crammed into the trough and is attracting huge salaries with our tax dollars into their pockets but socially I do not want them to work. Who are we talking about Agnieszka Kurczewski Piecki Municipality mayor and alderman Bogdan Kurt county Mragowo August 16, 2012 more SCANDAL IN LIEU OF DIRECTOR'S WIFE WICESTAROSTY counties UNITS BY LAW SHOULD KEEP BOTH jobs since July 6 decision of the Board of the District in which sits between the other deputy Janusz Alicki expressed in the resolution No. 98 719 2012 RESOLUTION HERE Bozena Alick (privately wife wicestarosty Janusz Alickiego) has been designated to replace the director of the Psychological Education in Mragowo or de facto Bozena Alick Director during the absence of his duties fully in this. August 6th, 2012 more tapes at the Serafina is a small Pikuś So for mrągowski octopus Inter-Election Committee Międzygminny mayor Krasinski (the exact name of the Electoral Committee Międzygminny Electoral Committee structure created by the George Municipality mayor Mrągowo Krasinski and his henchmen to the needs of the local elections in order to grab the the trough and manning kindred as much public stools) cast OVER 20 H STOŁKW public areas Mragowo I Mrągowo County. FOR TO ALL OF OUR PODATKW pay THESE.

July 27, 2012 more FACTS MAZUR HTU Sorkwit Write a letter SAM TO YOURSELF AND THE SAM warrant clearing the WILD REFUSE DISPOSAL DISTRICT TEACHERS robs the TEACHER salary AW CHOSZCZEWIE DEALING WITH SAMI AND THIS HOW GREAT latest edition of Fact Mazur available in good retail outlets throughout the county Mragowo from Thursday July 19 brings an interesting publications which can not be read through July 18, 2012 more teachers That hurt teachers about how the district authorities are eager to save themselves and others point of view depends on the point of the seat is the phrase most often repeated teachers, who on Friday 13 July arrived at the session of the Council of the District Mrągowo. They could not go out with surprise and indignation looking at the fate preparing them to their professional colleagues Alicki teacher (now deputy) Bułajewski academic teacher (now chairman of the county). July 13, 2012 more WJT wrote about the mentality of a thief PODATNICY PAY him for his work and he prefers WRITTEN IN FORUMS SITES As it turned out last week with the findings of the court and police Mragowo proves that the private and office PC to one of the provincial politicos obecnie szefującego one of the local governments to someone in our county who use the pseudonym Ancymon and Teacher achieved libelous and defamatory entries of other local governments. July 9th, 2012 more catching up to the trough in the county How much money pulled out of your taxes to their pockets in the previous year What brykami sway to the district if the local government is not going to in order to do something good for the residents to acquire external resources to invest it goes like it turned out in the district Mrągowo in order to benefit from the additional inconsiderable income from wages and allowances. Here is a summary of revenue achieved in 2011 by the county clique that two years ago she 's got. July 2nd, 2012 more RANKING POWIATW 2012 District Mrągowski for governments Kurty Alickiego and Bułajewskiego found at the bottom of penultimate place in the province of Olsztyn Newspaper has published this year's ranking of the budgets of Warmia and Mazury counties. His score is an objective summary of sad though nearly two years of Kurty Alickiego and Bułajewskiego in the county. Contact..

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