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News About Us History Working with Quality UEPolityka RURGAZ Sp. With about O Awards and prizes offer SYSTEMS RUROWERury PERury EP RC System MULTIsafeRury pre-insulation casing pipes and fittings made of polypropylene KSZTAŁTKIKształtki PE segmental PE Electrofusion fittings Butt Clamping accessories for the construction of water supply and gas ARMATURAInformacja Technical Application Instructions PE pipe clamp pipe PEOdporność Cleaning the pipes working PECiśnienia PE water pipe characteristics MULTIKan logistical parameters RURGAZPobierz Contact Contact details Enquiry form Order Form Personal Rurgaz Sp. Cologne Prawiedniki 57 20 515 Lublin tel 48 (081) 750 01 70 Fax: +48 (081) 750 01 80 e mail RURGAZ RURGAZ. En 2012 11 09 Merger of RADPOL SA, RURGAZ Sp. Merger Plan Issuer, more 2012 05 17 International WOD KAN 2012 more 2010 05 17 NEW PRICE RURGAZ 2012 From the day 20 05 2012, a new pricing overall RURGAZ pipes and fittings PE and PP. The current version of the price list is available on our website. The electronic version for download in pdf format in the download tab. more 2010 08 14 Certificate of compliance with PAS 1075 2009 04 RC MULTIsafe in accordance with PAS 1075 more 2010 01 22 NEW Available successive diameters of pipes and fittings on offer RURGAZ RURGAZ Company has implemented innovative technological solutions for the production of pipes and fittings dużogabarytowych. more Rurgaz Sp. A. It was established in 1991 with the participation of the Swiss capital.

On the outskirts of Lublin in Cologne Prawiedniki company built the first industrial facility where he started the production of polyethylene pipes in diameters of 20 160 mm in the first place followed by gas to water and sanitation. In 1993, as a result of investment in machinery increased range of manufactured products to a diameter of 250 mm. In 1994, following further investment increased range of manufactured products to 400 mm and started the production of pre-insulation of ducts. The dynamic development of the company caused by the continuous expansion will offer new investments and in 1996 created a modern and functional administration of the company. In 1998, the company is building another industrial facilities where production is expanding catalog of polyethylene to diameter 520 mm. In 1999 Rurgaz is certified ISO 9001. In 2003, the company runs a modern production of pipes and fittings made of polypropylene structural diameters in the range of 150 to 300 mm. The Company also receives the prize of the Polish Society Housing for taking third place in the category of public buildings for the most beautiful building administration office. In 2006, the company lists the extruder for the production of polyethylene pipes for the construction of a new generation of cutting-edge equipment for processing plastics. In 2007 Rurgaz extends the production of pipes and fittings, structural polypropylene diameters 400 and 500 mm.

At the same time, the company introduces an innovative system of pipe joints using integrated joints. In 2008 the company starts production of pipes RC MULTIsafe of polyethylene PE 100 class for backfilling and laying without sand bed and the renovation of pipelines. In 2010, completed the implementation of new diameter PE pipes and fittings (560 and 630 mm) and PP (600 mm). Home Site Map Back News The company Technical Information Download Contact Us Web Design. Öffnet. Pl. Contact..

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