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bielsko.info - News

Home and businesses Foto City Entertainment Sports News Video Advertising Contact Topics All topics Hot topics Business Education History Investments Police Communications Social Politics Travel Health News Defenders of animals in this Park today 16 00 Association of empathy and Vege Initiative cordially invite you to take part in street action. . Festivities at the halfway mark holidays today 14 00 Aug. 4 at the swimming pool Home in Gypsy Forest held Halfway through the holidays. Family picnic was. Comments 2 heat on your photos today 12 00 Tuesday by forecasters is to start another wave of heat that will last until Thursday. Is your thermometers. Comments 3 First chairs are already pictures today 10 40 at Municipal Stadium in Bielsko-Biala and more specifically the northern grandstand started assembling the first. Comments 2 Invitation fire Relanie tv today 7 00 On Monday, about 20 hours 00 fire brigades in Bielsko-Biala got a call reporting a fire in. He goes pilgrimage to Jasna Gora update today 0 55 On Tuesday, August 6 from the sanctuary Lady of Sorrow in Bielsko-Biala set off 22 Diocesan Pilgrimage tour. Comments 12 BMW erased siren photo yesterday 17 31 On Sunday morning at the intersection of the street Zywiec Gorska control car brand BMW.

Seeking investor yesterday 17 10 Article sponsored Seeking a partner investor to transform a large object in the center of the hotel. Comments 2 Promile Sunday drivers yesterday 15 45 Bielski police officers stopped during the weekend as much as 10 drunk drivers. Because most eight. Bielsko. Tv new TV yesterday 13 30 on Monday launched Internet TV Bielsko Bielsko. Tv new service is primarily. The wave of fires in the county yesterday Bielski 8 30 High temperatures favor the increase in the number of fires. From Friday afternoon in the region. Comments 17 Parkour in Bielsko streets yesterday 7 41 Bielsko-Biala is no shortage of people practicing parkour. One of the founders of Parkour Association.

Comments 18 Bielszczanka and Victorias Secret 2 days ago 20 00 22 Year bielszczanka Natalia Janoszek was offered the cooperation of the U.S. company sells. Comments 1 Swimming undergo siege 2 days ago 7 55 Nearly 55 thousand. People have benefited from May. The swimming pool Home in Gypsy Forest. Just last weekend. Comments 2 A couple of very hot days of August 3, 2013 22 01 The next few days in Silesia will be hot warns the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management. Do. Robbed Czechowicka company August 3, 2013 8 32 Czechowicka police arrested 36 year old bielszczanina and his two companions living in the area. September 20 Picnic graduates ATH August 2, 2013 17 45 Techniczko Academy of Humanities graduates holding a big picnic where you can take part in both.

Comments 15 Changing lanes and collision video August 2, 2013 14 30 On Thursday, August 1 at 3 Maja Street collided you registered in your vehicle. Moving further division 2 August 2013 9 28 new academic year nursing students and medical rescue University of Technology in the Humanities. The final straw College August 2, 2013 9 04 Deputy Alexander Gajewska responded to the protest of workers Teachers College v. Comments 1 Criminal hacker arrested August 1, 2013 17 30 Police officers from the Criminal Investigation Department and the KWP Katowice work undertaken in the course of 18 years stopped. Free breast screening for Gemini August 1, 2013 16 06 behind us held from 1 to 3 August Gemini Park Bielsko Biala invites you to take advantage bielszczanki z Youth uses the city's offer August 1, 2013 16 00 In July of holiday offers BBOSi R u to nearly 900 people taking part in sports competitions. Another success of our team August 1, 2013 15 00 Firefighters from Bielsko Biala once again came out on top in one of the most comprehensive. Comments 5 Witnesses sought diligently August 1, 2013 11 00 Bielsko police looking for witnesses to a road accident that occurred on July 25, 2013, ul. Comments 1 The new date for the opening of Old Kablownia August 1, 2013 10 30 The first store in the shopping center at Old Kablownia Czechowicach Heirs will open yet in. Busy day Bielsko firefighters August 1, 2013 9 00 The last day of July Bielski firefighters had their hands full. The losses for the day to four fires.

Test the alarm system 1 August 2013 6 00 behind us Traditionally, August 1 at 17 00 provincial training will be conducted efficiency. Commemorate the memory of the insurgents August 1 2013 0 51 For Us 69 Anniversary of Warsaw Uprising members of the Law and Justice, along with the Forum of Young Pi S. Comments 2 Pickpockets steal the power of 31 July 2013 17 00 Of handbags backpacks bags and pockets, wallets disappear and with them the documents and cash. In recent. Summer offer for children July 31, 2013 15 00 Municipal Office in Bielsko-Biala like the youngest residents of our city can spare time learning. Comments 1 There is no declaration of junk July 31, 2013 11 00 About 5,000 residents less alone blocks and houses. This is the result of the failure of the declaration century aqueduct at the Royal July 31, 2013 9 15 From the early hours of the morning is part of the street impassable Royal in Komorowice Silesian. They came out percentages Weekend July 30, 2013 16 00 Seven managers to double the gas in this one motorowerzystę offender accident. We aspire to one of the best July 30, 2013 14 00 The Municipal Office in Bielsko-Biala was a meeting with an expert of the European Public Service Award. Purpose.

Comments 2 man drowned in the river July 30, 2013 12 00 Resuscitation 40 year old man ended up swimming in the reservoir of the river Wapieniczanka. Fortunately it. Fire engines racing returned to favor July 30, 2013 10 22 Last Saturday in Wilkowicach Open Competition held watering pots Mounted Cup Wilkowice mayor. Comments 1 sudden bad weather July 30, 2013 8 59 After some very hot days there was bad weather. According to forecasters on Tuesday in the province. Comments 14 TV Toi Toi on the expressway July 29, 2013 18 30 Our regular reader sent us another odd video camera that recorded the car. Na. Comments 14 accident involving a bus MZK July 29, 2013 16 48 One person was injured in the accident that happened on the street. Piast in Bielsko-Biala. Comments 1 Firefighters extinguished a house annex 29 July 2013 16 30 It is not yet known cause of a fire that occurred on Saturday late evening in Bielsko Biala.

Comments 11 Golf came to the White Photos 29 July 2013 16 00 July 27 at 17 30 Three of the firefighters stretched from the river car. Volkswagen Golf. Comments 2 Note to break into the basement July 29, 2013 15 00 Recent days have brought the severity of intrusion into the basement. Although the operation of the perpetrators calls in any event. Unsealed bottle in Daewoo July 29, 2013 13 00 The Saturday before 19 on Warsaw Street in Bielsko-Biala tank has a leak z Launched a new road investment 29 July 2013 11 30 Municipal Road in Bielsko-Biala informs that on July 30 will start refurbishment Children over the streets. Chad also attacks the summer July 29, 2013 10 30 On Saturday afternoon, the fire department was called to the measurement of carbon monoxide in the block on the street Gentle in. Comments 117 August Put Safe Run in Auchan July 29, 2013 9 00 At the beginning of July 2013 was launched the second edition of the pro Put Social Safety Course. As in. Comments 9 TV Sunrise over the city July 28, 2013 13 02 Bielsko Biala is a magical city. Especially for all the readers of the portal Bielsko.

Info got. Comments 5 New bleachers until the spring of July 27, 2013 23 00 Although the holiday season is conducive to the work of building the city stadium in Bielsko-Biala is the new. Comments 1 police officer rescued a man July 27, 2013 11 40 A few minutes' conversation lasted officer in charge of the Municipal Police in Bielsko-Biala in 44 years. Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 60 next What where when Embarks Events Today pilgrimage to Jasna GóręBielsko White Most read 30 days 1 and lane change collision Video 2 F 16 will fly again over 3 Bielsko Bielsko-Biala someone hit a six and four Bielszczanka Victorias Secret 5 Parkour in Bielsko streets 6 Accident with the participation of MZK 7 O bus almost an accident movie 8 They chose an elegant car 9 A fight at the bus stop MZK 10 Golf came to Bielsko Biala pictures. Info on Facebook 2010 2013 Pless Intermedia Advertising Contact Up Bielsko regional portals. Info czecho. Pless Pl. Tychy Pl. Info Services Video Bielsko. Tv czechowice.

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