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Kolonowskie TSO - News
Kolonowskie TSO - News
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Official website of the Volunteer Fire Department in Kolonowskie, News, History, Board of Directors, equipment. The unit already existing for over 100 years.

Kolonowskie TSO - News

Event Statistics 2013 fires 6 local threats 13 false alarms 1 Total 20 News History Management Facilities MDP Partnership Sponsors Gallery Links Archive Contact Socket person at kindergarten building in Kolonowskie Added 27 10 2013 to Friday 25 October in the moments before the hour. 10 00, we received zgoszenie of znajdujcym a person gniedzie the kindergarten building in Kolonowskie. After recognizing the situation at the scene and consultation with the Directorate placwki we're back to kindergarten again in the chair. 16 30 When removing owadw needed bya rozbirka roof structure above measures wspieraa why our company DACHMAX with Staniszcze Great. Photo gallery. . Stodoy fire in dowicach Added 06 10 2013 04 October of hours. 19 10 wsplnie units TSO municipality Zawadzkie and JRG Strzelce Opole stodoy walczylimy of a fire in the village dowice. Szczegowy report dotyczcy probable cause fire and run tool on the scene is available on the SFS in Opole http psp. Opole. En base 3371100108312 intervention.

The above measures n. our zastpw zakoczylimy after hours. 04 00 Tree on power line Added on 24 09 2013 in Mondays at 23 boiling. 19 10, we received zgoszenie of a fallen tree on the power lines at. Dirt in Kolonowskie (Fosowskie). Our above measures at the scene polegay The completely blocking the street on clearing a fallen tree and securing energy emergency work. Action to ktrej wyjechalimy in the strength of six ratownikw lasts two hours. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 Content Management Powered by UTF 8 Cute News Volunteer Fire Department ul. Forest 6 B 47 110 Kolonowskie province. Opole God for the glory of the people of the rescue For more than 100 years.

Unit Volunteer Fire Department in Kolonowskie was established in 1907. Since 1995 is incorporated into the National Rescue and Fire Fighting. Currently in its equipment has two medium-sized cars specialized equipment for technical rescue and medical and fire-fighting and rescue equipment base. With the unit running TSO Kolonowskie MDP. Partner with the unit is F. Fw. Beilrode (Germany). Kolonowskie town located in the province of Opole on the river Small Panew where the municipality operates five units of the Volunteer Fire Brigade. News from the surrounding area. The Municipal Council Kolonowskie About Polish Rescue Opolszczyzna 24 opole.

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