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KWP Lublin
KWP Lublin
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KWP Lublin

News Departments Management Command Communications Commissioner for Human Rights International Cooperation Partners Public Procurement Classifieds Links Thanks KWPKontakt strategy HR issues and financial position competitions Tips for Police Recruitment hazards Bike BRAND Logistics Integration RSWPrzekaż 1 percent of the map region worth seeing CBS forensic laboratory Bureaux POLAND Foundation for Widows and Orphans Family Stowarzysznie Police Report corruption IPA Green Zone Home Mail to duty BIP KWP Lublin News Wlodawa Police rescued a drowning man. Added Tuesday 2013 08 06 patrol officer on duty in White Lake Okuninka saved the life of 57 year old man. Resident gm. Krzeszow sailed on a mattress on the lake, unfortunately, it fell into the water and began to sink. Sgt. Kosidło officer of the CPP in Włodawa pulled on board a sinking boat. The man was unconscious gave no sign of life. The policeman took steps resuscitation and after about one minute was able to restore breathing man. . more White Podl police determine who caused the accident. Added Tuesday 2013 08 06 Four people were injured in the accident which occurred in Maniach gm.

Coaches. The police determine which of them led by car. Three residents gm. Huszlew in age from 18 to 24 years were in a state of intoxication. One of the reason of intoxication was unconscious. Four of the participants in the events 18-year-old from the village Miedzyrzec Podlaski was sober but I do not remember who was sitting behind kierwnicą. . More Lublin Who saw the event was added Tuesday 2013 08 06 Lublin police seek to appeal to people who witnessed or has information about the incident that occurred on July 25 this year. At the intersection of a Clay and Lasocki. According to the preliminary findings Citroen Berlingo control led to a collision with a cyclist.

The proceedings in this case leads Department of offenses in the Municipal Traffic Police in Lublin. More police are looking for the owner of Lublin special tools. Added Tuesday 2013 08 06 uniforms of VIII Police Station in Lublin found near Pl. Bychawa and Al. Pilsudski box with specialized hydraulic tools. The findings show that the uniform hydraulic spreaders probably fell out of the car or trailer. The owner tools can pick up your property at the police station. more Parczew Place hideout betrayed flashing light Film Added Tuesday 2013 08 06 Parczewscy police arrested a man who modernization of roads in Parczewo took post warning signal lanterns. 25-year-old at the sight of the police car tried to cover up at the bus stop but the flashing light betrayed his hiding place. Now a resident Parczewa sobering in police custody.

The theft is punishable by imprisonment for up to 5 years More Other News Kraśnik joke caused the accident. 2013 08 06 Radzyń Podl intoxicated man was driving with his son. 2013 08 06 Lublin looking for witnesses to the accident. 2013 08 05 Bilgoraj car pulled into the clinic. 2013 08 05 Chelm will answer for the murder of 2013 08 05 Zamosc detained on suspicion of beating 21 year old 2013 08 05 Włodawa Happy final quest. 2013 08 05 Wanted Wanted arrest warrant on the basis of ref. Act IV K 390 09 issued by the Regional Court in Lublin for an offense under Art. 280 par 2 of the Penal Code. More Missing On 24 July 2008, the town of Silvi Marina, Italy at about 10 am 00 out of the hotel with the intention of going to the top of the Gran Sasso and to this day has not returned or has not established contact with his family. more KWP Festival Gallery, 2013 Police Police Headquarters Patrol Tournament Par 09 07th 2013 Video Gallery Bilgoraj II Football Tournament Roztoczanski Uniformed Services.

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