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Official website of the Municipal in Szczecin


Home Events Site Map Search Home Menu KMP Szczecin Home Events Management Departments KMPJednostki KP ŚRDMIEŚCIEKP NIEBUSZEWOKP POGODNOKP NAD ODRĄKP DĄBIEPrewencja cells patrol cell Intervention Paper Guides Intelligence service dogs and Equestrian paper on Waters and areas Przywodnych protective paper specialist teams Prevention Current events Prevention programs Alfred Enjoy the sun advises senior Handbook sober youth Bright przyszłośćNieletni Paragraph Mom Dad 13 years have passed CyberdżunglaŚwiadomi Safe Harassment rape of love Burglary of a vehicle DRINK THE OCHRONĄPolicja warns Opportunity makes złodziejaUcieczka is not a solution Human Rights Safe Holiday fan of (extra) klasąNiebieskie Card Procedures legal basis Institutions Aid Road Traffic Dzielnicowi Dzielnicowi Dzielnicowi Downtown Precinct Police Station Szczecin Szczecin Szczecin Niebuszewo Dzielnicowi Pogodno Dzielnicowi Precinct Police Station Over OdrąDzielnicowi Szczecin Szczecin Dabie Precinct Police Looking for Police Jobs Statistics Interesting Pages Gallery imagesBack download Pneumatic weapon Public Information Bulletin Your Address Contact Green Zone Safety freshman Joomla Slide Menu recommended by DART Creations Counter Party Hits 1226870 Current Events Police revealed stolen cars in Germany 06 08 2013 asp. Irena Kornicz the weekend Szczecin police officers in our city revealed that two cars were stolen in Germany. Mercedes and Volkswagen were stolen in early August. The full text of Events The first summary of the race 05 08 2013 asp. Irena Kornicz behind us another day of finals of the Tall Ships Races 2013. Yesterday was the official opening of the event. Szczecin is experiencing a real siege on the gelding in addition to residents of the Brave. . all text Events police protect affected individuals. 05 08 2013 Podkom. Przemyslaw Kimon This morning West Pomeranian police assisted by officers from other provinces secured preparation for the start of the race in our city.

The service is aimed at. all text Events Joint patrols Polish and German police 05 08 2013 Press Office Police in Szczecin IK specially set up for the Tall Ships Races 2013 joint patrols Polish and German police from today can be found on the border routes. The full text of Events Police looking for witnesses 02 08 2013 Press Office Police Headquarters in Szczecin IK July 25, 2013, at. 18 50 in Szczecin road traffic accident occurred. The full text of Events Meeting with pre-schoolers 02 08 2013 City of Asp. Joanna Kowalska from Szczecin police visited the children of non-public nursery Forget Street. Bug River and talked to them about road safety. The full text of Events Holidays controlled 01 08 2013 st Joanna Kowalska holidays to the fullest. Start the next day camps and other organized activities for children and youth. These sites are checked by the County Sanitary workers.

all text WydarzeniaAlkohol friendship kills education campaign aimed at young people. 01 08 2013 Makonde. Catherine Legan campaign is aimed at young people because they are under the influence of drugs are often participants in tragic accidents or incidents on the water way circuit. all text Events arrest for assault neighbor 01 08 2013 asp. Pieces Anna Gembala from Szczecin police arrested 26 year-old who broke her parents' neighbor and took her cell phone. The young offender has already heard allegations. Decision of the Court the earliest. tekstpozostałe all articles Accidents in Szczecin police appeal for ostrożnośćŚWIĘTO POLICE SZCZECINIEZatrzymani hooligans and 204 seats Statistics events of the past day detainees for crimes 13 Number of interventions will be directed six drunken Traffic accidents killed in accidents 1 0 3 injured in accidents detained until sober 13 Information service on 04th 08th 2013, Recent News Police revealed stolen cars in Germany first summary regatta police protect affected individuals. Joint patrols Polish and German Police Police looking for witnesses Meeting of pre-schoolers under the control of Holiday Alcohol kills friendship education campaign aimed at young people. Jail for beating a neighbor Accidents in Szczecin police appeal for caution Welcome to the website of the Municipal Police Headquarters in internet.

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