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RemedyBlox Risk-Based Public Educational Platforms and Professional Business Services
RemedyBlox Risk-Based Public Educational Platforms and Professional Business Services
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RemedyBlox' is a leading provider of risk-based educational platforms and various professional business services to both corporate businesses and members of the general public. Our expertise in Human Behavioral Science, Criminology, Victimology, Accessibility Standards, Employment Law and Operational Loss Prevention underpins each of our programs to help businesses and individuals alike take a proactive mitigating approach against specific risk exposures and associated liabilities, harms and losses.

RemedyBlox Risk-Based Public Educational Platforms and Professional Business Services

Child Safety Programs Remedy Blox 'isa leading provider of risk-based educational platforms and various professional business services. Our expertise in Human Behavioral Science, Criminology, Victimology, Accessibility Standards, Employment Law and Operational Loss Prevention underpins each of our programs to help businesses and individuals alike take a proactive approach against specific risk exposures and associated liabilities, harms and losses. ​ At Remedy Blox , our professional event management teamand their stellar conference development expertise of nearly two decades is just the start of the value we bring to our clients' business events. Not only will we consistently deliver on our clients' identified event outcomes, afford our clients with long-term sustainable rewards, and maximizeour clients' return on their investment, but we also hold proven relevant expertise to create accessible and inclusive events. Simultaneously, we can helpour clients achieve compliance. Under applicable provincial/state Accessibility for People with Disabilities Acts, Accessibility Standards, the Human Rights Code and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The risk-based accommodation measures we incorporate into each event helps shieldour clients against associated costs, liabilities, and losses that other companies might face when their events do not provide similar reasonable accommodations as we do and are mandated by applicable regulatory frameworks across Canada and the United States. Such failures for those firms often resultin lasting costly impacts when fined and publicly identified for neglecting to achieve accommodation compliance for their customers with disabilities or special needs at their events. Responsible accommodation management also demands that all identified needs are handled with tact, discretion and afforded protection under applicable regulatory privacy and information frameworks. We at Remedy Blox are equally committed and skilled to safeguard the confidential and private information of our clients' members that are disclosed to us in aid of fulfilling event accommodation needs for an upcoming event. Hence, our information management acumen further supports our ability to strategically deliver risk-based event management services that help shield our clients against undue event risk exposures and can control against associated liabilities, costs and losses.

Lastly, our robust risk-based evenservices reflectwell on our clients where their public image remains in tact as being accessibility focused and embodying diversity and inclusion of all. After all, apositive inclusive corporate image can yieldlong-term winning advantages in the public forum and in a competitive marketplace that is progressive and socially responsible. Corporate Training Addiction / Compulsion Anger Management Anti-Discrimination Rights CPR / First Aid Programs CPTED Measures Disability Rights Elder Abuse Prevention Emergency Preparedness Home Security Living Wills On-Line Safety Patient Rights Personal Safety Privacy Rights Self-Defense Programs Situational Awareness Travel Safety Work/Life Balance Privacy Policy Terms of Use For Abused Partners For Accident Survivors For Compulsive Personalities For Couples in Turmoil For Divorcees For Families in Dispute For Illicit Liaisees For Individuals in Crisis For Seniors / Retirees For Widowers Accommodation / Access Communications Diversity / Inclusion Employee Engagement Healthy Workplaces Professional Development Return to Work Planning Risk Management Staff Morale Team Building Workplace Accommodations WELCOME For Business Sector Look to us to improve your risk management capacity! Risk-Based Public Educational Training Services Read more about us. . . Abusive Personalities Dating Safety Domestic Violence Family Dynamics Healthy Relationships Marriage / Divorce Coaching Stalker Survival Toxic Environments Let's set up a free, no obligation discussion about how we can assist you to strengthen your risk-management capacity. Accessibility Management Conference Development Corporate Brand Design Corporate Event Staffing Consulting Services Event Management Event Program Development Event Staging Exhibitor Services Marketing Professional Writing Services Program Design Promotional Merchandise Registration Desk Staffing Speaker Fulfillment Sponsorship Fullfilment SWOT Event Analysis Tradeshow Staffing Travel Logistics Venue Logistics Workshop Facilitation ​We also provide robust risk-based educational programs to members of the general public interested in protecting themselves, their loved ones and their property against various risk exposures, liabilities, harms and losses. Our training platforms equally embrace and serve the more vulnerable segments of the population like children, the elderly with special needs, people with disabilities and individuals representing diverse community groups. Especially since aggregates crime data reveals that thecriminal elementtends to target those perceived more vulnerable and unsuspecting of their malicious intent. Hence, our programs aim to empower participants with tools and insights to help them readily identify, evaluate, respond, mitigate and recover from adverse events as well as how best to avoid future risk exposures.

Social-Risk Mitigation Service " Blox " " Clients contract us to design and develop their promotional products for an upcoming trade show and corporate conferences not just for our creative flair, highly functional designs, superior quality at competitive price points. Our clients also look to us for our designs that promote easy function and use for all regardless of their abilities. An all encompassing accessibility design in promotional merchandise delivers a maximizedROI for our clients as our products are what people look for and can use for a long period of time which affords our clients with longer opportunities for their brand to be seen and promoted by their users. Our promotional event merchandise yield many secondary benefits and gains that our competitors tend to overlook especially when it comes to accessible designs incorporated into each of our products. Our established connections with quality minded promotional suppliers, our expertise in product safety, ourcommitments to "greener" products and accessible formats for people with limited vision or physical restrictions are compliant with universal disability standards. These branding considerations help us deliver novel creative promotional designs and products that incorporate safety, accessibility, and environmental sustainability for the end user. ​ Our corporate employee training platforms are customized to various business industries across North America and made available to companies interested in increasing their productivity, profits, market sustainabilityand to enhancetheir operational efficiencies and controlsagainst various internal/external risk exposures and theirlosses. Our corporate training programs are all encompassing building "blox" aimed to help our clients achieve their immediate and long term operational goals by creating an engaged, robust and resilient workforce. Everyone understands the benefits that a happy, healthyand dedicated workforce offers especially where staff feelvalued, loyaland vested in seeing their organization succeed in a competitive marketplace. Hence we design our programs that help boost staff morale, build trust within the workforce and loyalty to theemployer.

We also look to improving staff's core competencies to help achieve operational efficiencies which are achieved by staff engagement and robust internal communications. Our practical risk management tools further empower vested employees to readily identify, evaluate, mitigate, and effectively respond tointernal / external risk exposures to help shield theorganization they value and care about against undue liabilities and losses. Benefits Our Corporate Event Services Offer Public Education Our Corporate Promotional Product and Brand Design Advantage Business Services Empowerment Retreats Corporate Events Copyright© 2014 - 2017 Remedy Blox. All rights reserved. Any and all other content is copyrighted by their respective owners. For General Public Accessibility/Diversity Anti-Bullying Emergency Preparedness Home Safety On-Line Safety Personal Safety Self-Defense Programs Situational Awareness Street Smarts Travel Safety Corporate: Risk-Based Staff Training Corporate Event Management and Conference Developm ent Accessibility Design Supports / Implementation Professional Writing Services Brand Design / Promotional Merchandise Development Conference Speaking / Presentions / Workshop Facilitation SME Risk Reduction Harm Prevention Consults Public: Educational Safety Security Platforms Social-Risk Mitigation / Relationship Management Personal Crisis / Intervention / Recovery Coaching Empowerment Retreats Home For Business Sector For General Public 2017 Course Lists Risk-Based Professional Business Services About Us Corporate Profile Accessibility Expertise Bio-Social Diversity Contact Us Registration Media Careers Advertise with Us Resources Business Directory News Updates In addition to oureducational risk-based training programs, Remedy Blox is equally equipped to deliver a host of professional business services to corporations and various industry sectors across Canada and the United States looking to outsource portion of their operations that carry certain levels of riskand liabilities that our seasoned professionals at Remedy Blox knowhow to mitigate against. Each of our professional business services that we offer arefounded on proven risk-based strategies and critical consequential analytics to helpinsulate our clients from various harms and reduce their operations from inherent internal and external risk exposures, liability and losses. ​ Risk-Based Training andSituational Risk Management Services ​​​"Helping You Enhance Your Safety Security is Our Operative Focus!" Business Socials Conferences Corporate Retreats Forums/Symposiums Fundraising Events Networking Events Plenary Sessions Seminars / Workshops Staff Parties Tradeshows View on Mobile [google5d6dc34c0d34a79a. Html. Kontakt.


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