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Magellanum.edu.pl | Home Academic High School in Gdansk Magellanum Al.Legionów 13 Tel: 583 252 480
Magellanum.edu.pl | Home Academic High School in Gdansk Magellanum Al.Legionów 13 Tel: 583 252 480
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Magellanum.edu.pl | Home Academic High School in Gdansk Magellanum Al.Legionów 13 Tel: 583 252 480

ABOUT SCHOOL MAGELLANUM Curiosity knowledge wisdom courage openness QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS DYSLEXIA HISTORICAL EVENTS SCHOOL SITE COUNCIL parents 'teachers' council MEDIA ABOUT SCHOOL IN THE LENS CO U.S. WSPŁPRACA butcher OFFER CLASS INTEGRATION ACTIVITIES AND THERAPEUTIC CONTACT PARENTS RECRUITMENT RULES FOR ADMISSION TO HIGH SCHOOL HIGH SCHOOL REPORT CARD FOR DISCOUNTS The tuition scholarship holders SCHOLARSHIPS SCHOLARSHIPS AND WINNERS OF EXTERNAL STUDENTS MEETING WITH PARENTS JOURNAL OF THE NEW HIGH SCHOOL LESSON PLAN PROGRAM SCHEDULE OF SCHOOL BOOKS 2013 2014 school year Student Council NEWSLETTER READING MATH LEAGUE TASK matriculation examination STRATEGIC APPROACH TO ORAL Baccalaureate GRADUATION FROM POLISH EDUCATIONAL PROJECTS CONTACT Contact Form COMPETITIONS CURRENT RULES OF COMPETITION RESULTS OF OUR SUCCESS KONKURSW pupils SCHOOL YEAR 2012 2013 Welcome to ALO ​​Dear Students Dear Parents Our school is a non-public school public school rights. Citing middle school and high school, we wanted to ensure the continuity of the educational process and education to members of our community. Head of school is located in Gdansk Wrzeszcz. Academic High School Magellanum support students with special educational needs identified by educational counseling. Our integrated educational activities and pedagogical help to succeed and continue their education. We know that each of you is different interests have different abilities and ambitions because then consider our proposal. We want to teach without undue stress in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. Our teachers have extensive knowledge and years of experience are smart friendly ready to help in any situation they can see your difficulties and appreciate your efforts. Provide assistance in developing their own interests and passions, and achieving life goals. They will try to provide you with an atmosphere of kindness and acceptance of security.

In our school, everyone knows each other and surrounded by mutual respect. Choosing a secondary school for your children is a very difficult and important choice. Since it will depend on how the young man enters into adulthood, and whether it will be properly prepared. Do you know already what the school offers you want to start or your choice ensures an adequate level of education and properly prepare for further education and will be an opportunity for your child THOUGHTS ABOUT EDUCATION If you give someone's life give him the instructions for use. Valeriu Butulescu you not noticed that the path spend 18 months trying to teach their children to stand and talk and the next 18 years trying to get them to sit and listen. Jim Heffelfinger News SCHOOL YEAR ENDING 25 May. 2013 Success Marcel Hendożko and Paulina Żochowska. . 13th 2013 Film Night in Magellanum 28 May. 2013 Going to the Polish Baltic Philharmonic 24th 2013 Success Nikola Sulej 24 May.

2013 We bid farewell to the third grade. 22 2013 22 04th 2013, the Board of Education 19 2013 Concert at the Polish Baltic Philharmonic 16th 2013 SKN Homunculus guest Magellanum 2 2013 Wishes 27 May. 2013 25 03 2013 Board of Education 19 2013 Meeting of the Assoc. Monica Badura 6 2013 Days Brain at the University of Gdansk. 5 Day of the Wacko 2013 performance at the Theatre. 28th May. 2013 Board of Education first 2013 Day of chemical experiments 31 May. 2013 Arabela Theatre Coast 24 2013 Kulig in Otominie. 23 2013 Competition expertise on 20th January Uprising 2013 Workshop at the University of Gdansk. 20th 2013 copyright 2011 by Magellanum.


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